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Critical Recognition

"No restaurant in America comes closer to delivering a flawless total dining experience.... Trotter's is the prime example of a new form of dining.... It goes beyond the standard progression of appetizer, main course and dessert, even beyond the usual chef's tasting menu of up to a half-dozen courses by instead serving as many as 10 or 12 individual dishes, each representing a different facet of the chef's prowess."
-Wine Spectator

"Trotter is clearly doing everything he can with his formidable gifts. His is a work in progress that no lover of food can afford to miss."

"This is a restaurant like Cape Canaveral is an airport. No other Chicago restaurant shares the point of view. And even though nearly every dish represents a journey into hitherto unexplored culinary terrain, there are surprisingly few bad trips. Charlie Trotter is the boldest experimentalist in town. His complex dishes surprise with the combinations of flavors & don't expect the ordinary here, because it won't happen."
-Chicago Magazine

"Charlie Trotter's is perfect for entertaining people who care passionately about food. Each dish that emerges from Chef Trotter's kitchen is a work of art- xuberant yet refined; often experimental, always elaborate."
-Crain's Chicago Business

"How has Trotter cooked up such acclaim? By creating a style of food and designing a style of service that sets him apart from even his most talented peers. His recipe for success holds lessons for everyone who's wrestling with how to stand out in an environment in which competition is tougher than ever, expectations are higher than ever, and the sacrifices required for success are bigger than ever."
-Fast Company

"The Best Restaurant in the World for Wine and Food. Charlie Trotter is Quite literally the man to beat. His Chicago restaurant won in 1998 as it did in 1997, proving that adventurous food and exacting standards don't scare people away in fact, people from all over the country flock to Chicago to get their share."
-Wine Spectator

"A world traveler, wondering how Chicago figures in the food firmament, should be sent directly to Charlie Trotter't. Skeptics of the much-ballyhooed food pyramid would do well to taste their way through a menu or two here, in which vegetables are exalted in a series of dishes that play strictly to the seasons."

"Talent, determination to succeed and an adventuresome spirit. Who wouldn't want it! These are the hallmarks of an accomplished chef, one who is passionate about food. Charlie Trotter has this and more: Charlie Trotter has vision."
-Culinary Trends

"No one can dispute his passion for cooking or his desire for excellence. Charlie is on a quest to find the ultimate food combination, working with the finest quality produce and carefully blending flavours, textures and temperatures, he strives to create dishes that both excite and challenge the palate."
-The Master's Table

About Charlie Trotter

Charlie Trotter's
816 West Armitage
Chicago, Illinois 60614